what is a personal brand ? how to brand yourself

What is personal branding?
how to brand yourself ? Many of us do not understand. And don't even want to understand. I don't want to understand. But personal branding is very important for yourself and your business.

Personal branding is what everyone will know by one name. I have to promote myself in such a way that I don't have to call anyone, everyone will find me. I mean, personal branding is basically presenting or introducing oneself or one's personality in front of everyone.  And online personal branding means opening yourself up to different social media so that everyone can find out.

Have you ever wondered, when we hear about the good aspects of different products or organisations through different channels, but we buy the product or accept any service of that organisation. Above all, the brand value of that product or organisation increases for us.This is the brand value.

Now think about yourself without the product or organisation. If you can tell others about your strengths, you will increase your acceptance or brand value to others. Everyone will know better about your work, interests, abilities and qualifications.

The benefits that personal brands offer:

The benefits that personal brands offer

  • Increases one's acceptability to others
  •  Everyone will listen to what you have to say, because the value of your words will increase.
  • It will be much easier to start your business and get success with your product / service later.
  • Increases online impact.
  • Increases professional network.
  • Secures work and career.
  • New job and business opportunities are created.

how to brand yourself !

Own presence at Google

Anyone will google you first So see if your social media profiles are coming up in Google's search results. If not, you can use the website (brandyourself.com) to refine your search results. If anyone doesn't know how to use the tools, you can mail me. how to brand yourself.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business - Create your own profile here. If someone searches you on Google, Google will show you a featured form on the right side which is called Google listing, here you can see your personal information, website, social media profile, reviews. Moreover, if you search with your name on Google Map, you can set up your location on the map. If anyone needs any kind of help mail me I will help. how to brand yourself.

Clean presence through social media

Social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, reddit, quora.com, blogger.com, snapchat can be used as unique means of personal branding. For example, LinkedIn is a great place for professionals. It provides information on a person's educational qualifications, name of work, job description, special recognition. Many organizations find their qualified employees through LinkedIn. So creating a good LinkedIn profile and connecting with others has the potential to create new career opportunities. I have discussed in detail in a previous post about profiling on LinkedIn, LinkedIn connection, job search and LinkedIn outreach. Similarly, your presence on other social media is very important. how to brand yourself.

Regularly posting on social media about what you are an expert on:

Talk and post regularly on your social media about what you are an expert on. For example, you are an expert on website design or politics, or current fashion, or business / finance / banking, or a specific service / product. Think about your future and decide on a few topics and start talking about those topics.

This will increase the attraction of people towards you and create a brand value. You can easily sell any of your products / services to these followers later, because they trust you. Wants to get from your work.

Everyone will follow you only when your words or posts are useful to others. So post the necessary content. how to brand yourself.

Creating quality and current blog-content:

How do I start writing on LinkedIn, blog or facebook? What should I write about? Write in Bengali or English?

When writing, write down even if a lot of mistakes are made due to mistakes or lack of practice. After a month, you will see that people have improved 70% by listening to their feedback. The remaining 30% is fixed by writing it yourself. Many people think that if you write is wrong! It will be wrong, you will learn a lot, but you will still have to try to write something all day long. Bengali or English in any language. how to brand yourself.

But I'm not saying to make content by copying from somewhere. This cannot be done. Because you have to be transparent all the time. Everything is a production of the brain. You can write about many things with just a little thought. how to brand yourself.

Creating regular video:

Makes videos on YouTube. Simply put the words of your blog in front of the camera - a beautiful video podcast is created, which you can upload to your YouTube channel or Facebook Watch. REACH of the video is 200 times more than written, it is a proven fact. how to brand yourself.

Discussing on social media groups and helping others:

There is an opportunity to present yourself beautifully by joining different groups on other social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, reddit, quora.com. You can join the expert group on the subject and discuss it by posting. In the comments, you can give suggestions to those who have different problems. Gadually people will recognize you and create a brand value of their own. Be sure to post the necessary content that will benefit everyone. how to brand yourself.

Have your own blog website and post regularly

If possible, create your own blog website, where you can always share your posts. For example: https://websoriful.com

If this is not possible, open your own blog website on Google's (http://blogger.com) for free. And post regularly on your topic, it will create the value of your brand in Google and your content can be seen in Google without any kind of SEO (search engine optimization). This topic is a bit technical but you can try it. how to brand yourself.

Do not do these things while creating your own brand value

  • Giving false information about yourself, lying.
  • Posting is confusing and provocative.
  • Post abusive or roast someone.
  • Giving obscene and dirty posts.
  • Annoying everyone with countless selfies and nonsense posts throughout the day.
  • Wasting time by sharing unnecessary memes.
  • Repeating the same post to annoy people.

how to brand yourself

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