Why you should use Divi The Best Page Builder of 2022

Why you should use Divi The Best Page Builder

Divi Builder is an exciting new product from Elegant Themes that could revolutionize web design ......... 

Divi is more than just a WordPress theme; it's a complete new website building platform that replaces WordPress' standard post editor with a powerful visual editor. Whether you are a design professional or a beginner, using it is a very easy, efficient way to create stunning designs.

The Divi theme is an excellent blogging theme. To make your blog stand out, you can create your own blog and post layouts. There are a variety of blog layouts to get you started. We'll look at 12 awesome Divi blog layouts to help you design your next Divi website.

Divi Is A Visual Builder

Now you may be thinking what is the visual present builder right?

A Visual Builder is a cloud-based software development platform offering platforms as a service and a hosted environment for development. With this open-source solution, users can develop, collaborate on, and deploy Oracle Cloud applications.

Divi Builder consists of both a back-end "Back-end Builder" as well as a front-end Visual Builder. Each offers the exact same content elements and design options. Basically, there is no difference other than the interface. All of the standard WordPress settings are found in the Dashboard, along with the Back-end Builder. WordPress's standard post editor is replaced by this editor within the WordPress UI. Dashboard changes can be made quickly, but are also confined by them and are represented as blocks on the page.

By going to any page on your website and clicking on "Enable Visual Builder" on the WordPress admin bar, you can access your visual builder while logged into your WordPress dashboard.

Drag & Drop Building

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, it allows those with little or no experience in designing or developing websites to create beautiful sites.

It's a great way to include interesting and advanced layouts in themes that lack advanced page builders. The Divi Builder works with any of the 87 themes that we have available or with any other third-party theme. 

It is also an ideal solution for developers who want to build their own theme wrappers for Divi, so that they can use the power of Divi while maintaining complete control over the header, footer, and content wrapper for their websites.Divi Builder allows you to control basic styles, such as font sizes and colors, in order to make layouts feel natural.

Custom CSS Control

Divi allows developers to use their own CSS to combine visual design controls. A simple interface without limitations is part of Divi. Custom CSS properties can be set for predefined target elements within the module's HTML output using custom CSS fields in the Advanced tab. According to the configuration defined in the module, fields are created automatically.

Divi The Responsive Editing Builder

As a responsive platform, Divi provides full control over your website look on mobile devices. It is easy to build a beautiful responsive website with divi.It gives you even more control over how your responsive designs adapt to visitors on different devices.

You can serve different content to visitors depending on which device they are using to browse your website. The content settings of all Divi modules can now be customized in a responsive manner. 

You can now make hover effects even more attractive and dynamic by combining it with Hover Editing. As well as Responsive Editing, Divi content options will now feature Hover Editing as well. Editing content with hover works exactly like editing design

Global Elements & Styles 

With global elements and website-wide design settings, you can manage the design of your entire website. The Divi page builder is more than a page builder; it's a whole website design system.

You can apply certain design styles across your entire website with the new Divi global defaults update. In the Divi Builder itself, it allows you to manage global settings in a way that's familiar to you, enabling you to stay on top of your website.


You can easily add animations to any element. Divi's animation presets will help you create simple animations, but you can also customize the speed, direction, and type of animation by yourself

A scroll effect is an animation that responds to your visitors as they move up and down the page. Scroll effects work in conjunction with scrolling behaviors, rather than traditional animations. Adding an effect is as simple as clicking, and then fine-tuning the animation is as simple as clicking. Learn More

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