What is Freelancing & Outsourcing? How to make money online by freelancing

When someone in front of you says that I earn income from online or outsourcing income or freelancing income, then these three things go around in your head (online income outsourcing freelancing) and you don't understand anything. Now I am explaining those things to you. ..

Basically online income means when you can earn money from the internet then the money earned can be called online income. Now you can earn this money from any website or YouTube, you can earn income from Facebook or you can earn income in any way. But the truth is that income can be made. Then I say ...

What is freelancing and outsourcing?

Freelancing and outsourcing can be said to be a free profession. Outsourcing is the process of getting a job done by a person engaged in a free profession.

And those who do the work are called freelancers.

Again, it can be said that freelancing and outsourcing is the name of earning money by working independently and in any place without any work pressure with the obligation of any person or organization.

There is another definition of outsourcing,

Outsourcing is an independent business. Doing something by a third party other than someone in the company and working online will earn you money, and you never want to face any obstacles to do so.

Through outsourcing, individuals or organizations can earn money from strangers here. People make money by working independently.

Outsourcing the work of the organization. In this case, the marketplace acts as a mediator between the company and the individual. The person who bets on the work and does the work is an independent worker.

The company that they hire from outside, reduces company costs and hires at a lower rate. Reduces company costs by hiring well-paid people to work abroad through a job search or site in Marketplace. And that's what outsourcing is all about.

What is freelancing?

In a word, according to your ability, according to your time, without any obligation to do a job from any place to explain to someone.

What is required for freelancing?

Freelancing needs to work ...

First: All you need is an internet connection!

Second: All you need is a device that is suitable for internet use. It can be a mobile, it can be a laptop or it can be a PC. Now many will ask, can freelancing outsourcing be done with mobile?

Is freelancing outsourcing also possible with mobile?

I would say yes, a lot can be done, but if you don't calculate the percentage completely, 30%.

Third, marketing your skills, in a word, you will create your account by going to various freelancing websites (marketplaces) and promote your qualifications. If you don't tell people about your qualifications, but you won't get the job.

freelancing Is difficult or easy?

There is a lot of work to be done in freelancing and outsourcing. It is difficult to say which is the hard work and which is the easy job. You will definitely get what you want from the heart and it will be easy for you. It is up to you to decide which of the freelancing is easier or harder. It depends on your skill as to which will be easier or harder for you.

How to do freelancing?

There is a lot of work to be done in freelancing. And each work method is different. You have to work according to which job you like and which job you want to learn.

What are the jobs in outsourcing?

Learn about the work of Outsourcing ...

1. Web development

2. Web design

3. Blogging

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

. Content Writing

. Data entry

6. Social media marketing

9. Graphics design

10. Photo and video editing ... etc.

How to learn freelancing?

There may be some learning conditions ...

1. If you are new, then visit some freelancing related websites for a while, watch some videos related to freelancing on YouTube and subscribe to them and join different Facebook groups related to freelancing.

2. You can learn from someone you know who is a freelancer and earns money from freelancing.

3. You can also learn some things by reading a blog or a book which will be very useful in YouTube video tutorials.

4. Purchase paid courses from trusted institutions that will support you or by taking courses directly or online from a trusted institution.

Before learning to work independently from any organization or individual you need to know about the organization or individual. Check out her profile and posts. Check it out in the comments box.

Is there a future for freelancers?

Many are in favor of freelancing. Some say, since there is no guarantee of income, how good is it? Many of them have become self-reliant through self-employment, have encouraged others and created employment opportunities. But in terms of dignity, are they considered equal to employees? Its price in the marital market - or how much?

Honestly, those who are engaged in this job of freelancing can in no way be compared to the employee who works part time. Because freelance work is from time to time. In most cases it takes place at night. However, there is no pressure from the corporate world authorities on their independent profession. But the workload is not low at all.

Quality assurance is required when working on "Upwork", "Fiber" or any other platform when working at home or abroad. Competitors have to compete in different countries of the world. If you can prove your skills in the job, you will get a good salary. Freelancing is a profession where there are no more than ten rules for a conventional job. But if you don't follow the rules at work, there is no chance of the shortcut succeeding.

Is it possible to make money by freelancing?

Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing freelancing. The tide of development seems to be flowing in freelancing. Especially Bangladeshi TV channels are spreading propaganda. After a few days you will see that this person earns 3-6 lakh rupees per month only with the help of computer and internet. This is how the reporters of our TV channel are reporting on freelancing. Half of the youth in the society are unemployed. They also want to make money from the internet. In such a situation, the family is under pressure to buy a computer or laptop at an expensive price. In his eyes the dream of making big money. However, they do not know what the world is like and who can make money from it? How to prepare yourself for making money? It is completely unknown to them.

What happens next is that you can take any institute for freelancing without any scrutiny.

What are the benefits of freelancing?

Do you know why you should do freelancing or outsourcing?

1. Fulfillment of needs.

One can easily meet the need according to his needs. Suppose you need a web designer and you want a designer who is skilled in the design sector. Has its own creative with design. So once you can promote it in different marketplaces, you will easily get creative designers.

2. Work and time.

The biggest thing is that you can get things done according to your schedule. When you publish a job in the marketplace, you will be able to understand the work within the allotted time. In many cases, you will get your work done before the specified time.

3. Verification-sorting.

You will have ample opportunity to experiment and verify according to your needs. Suppose you edit some of your photos and videos with someone, then you can check and see if the person you give the job to can actually edit the photo or video? Have you ever done it before? How do you do that?

4. There are no obligations and the exchange of money is easy.

Especially in this sector but you do all your own i.e. no one here will stop you. You are your boss. So there is no one here and there will never be. So you can decide for yourself how much money you are willing to spend in return for your work.

What is the harm of freelancing?

There is always a profit in everything, but not 100% profit, but many times there is a loss. Why is that? Because of our inattention and inexperience. If someone is experienced in a subject then there is a possibility of loss but they always benefit from it.

Can everyone do freelancing?

Need a little knowledge and ability to work intellectually smart. How does a freelancer actually acquire skills in a subject to earn income online first and then become a hero by earning income from different marketplaces with zero of that skill. And with a little effort, you can be such a hero.

How much do you need to learn to do freelancing?

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Things to learn for freelance work ...

1. Speaking in English,

2. Written in English,

3. To have knowledge about current modern information technology and social media.

Special Note: You can do this very easily using Google Translate.

Where do you need to learn freelancing?

You can learn freelancing from any skilled person and any trusted organization.

Who is a skilled freelancer?

One thing to say, if you want to master all the work, then it may be that you did not learn one in the end so I will suggest everyone, choose one of the above qualifications and keep researching and practicing them. Keep up the good work ...! You too can become a skilled freelancer.

How to be a skilled freelancer?

No one is proficient in any work from the beginning. By working slowly, by doing something right - by doing something wrong, by learning - one becomes proficient at one time. If you work patiently, if you work hard, success will be in your hands.

How much does it cost to learn freelancing?

There are several steps to learning freelancing. Which I have discussed above. Then I will say another thing that you should not buy a course link from a cheap unfamiliar marketplace for 100,500 and do not go to do a course.

When you get stuck at work and can't find anyone to help you, you can't learn the job the way you need to and you will lose the desire to work later. And bad ideas can come to those who work. But if you want to learn something good and get good support, you can learn from a good organization.

How long does it take to learn freelancing?

Freelancing is a profession, it cannot be learned. Rather, the question is how long it will take to become a freelancer. But what are you going to be a freelancer about and how much time can you devote to that and how much will you learn and where will you learn from? If you want to learn by doing a course then your learning depends on the duration of those courses. And the biggest thing is that there is no end to learning. Freelancing allows you to be relatively worry-free. Brother, if you want to learn freelancing, you have to be patient. One or two nights, two weeks of training, can not earn an important job.

Even after that, I will tell you, keep working hard to learn the subject for which you are interested, for a full 3 months with all your heart and soul.

Where can I get money by freelancing?

The Marketplace will deposit your work Dollar / Money in your account from the Marketplace in which you work.

Needless to say, if you have the qualifications, not only in the online marketplace, you will get offline and a lot of work. If you have the qualifications, you will be brought from the forest and put in your suitable place. So I would say there is a lot of demand for outsourcing both online and offline. If you build a career, you will not lack income.

Where can I get freelancing work?

For me, the simple answer to this question is - recharge the type of work being done on the freelancing site before starting work. Open an account, create a great profile. Create samples and models of your own works. Test your skills to see if your work is going well with those tasks. Create accounts for work on well-known sites like Upwork, Fiber and Freelancer

Practice your skills in conjunction with site work first. Gain basic knowledge first. If you do not have the skills, do not try to get a job first. Be skilled at work, then try to get work from there.

Where to do freelancing work?

After so much discussion, you may have come to understand very well where to do freelancing. Maybe by creating an account in a marketplace or you can find a job from outside according to your qualifications, find a job and show your qualifications to the job owners.

After gaining skills, you will get a lot of work not only from the marketplace, but also from offline outside the marketplace.

What is a Freelancing Marketplace?

Freelancing Marketplace is an online website where shoppers come to find skilled people or freelancers to get their work done. And, those freelancers enter this site to find work. Buyers are likely to message everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. That is the marketplace. This will be discussed in more detail later. InshaAllah.

Where do I set up an account for freelancing?

In order to do freelancing, you need to create an account in different marketplaces. Here are the names of some of the most popular marketplaces …

  • 1. Fiverr

  • 2. Upwork

  • 3. people per hour

  • 4. Crowd

  • 5 99 Designs

  • 6. writer access

  • 7. Freelancer

How will the money reach me after earning money by freelancing?

Marketplace is responsible for sending money to your Marketplace account if the work is done properly after depositing someone else's work. You can.

That's it for you

Not to mention that there are thousands of outsourcing institutes in Bangladesh nowadays. Most of the trainers who teach freelancing in this organization do not have much knowledge about freelancing. After learning the job for a while, they give it to the outsourcing institute as soon as they get one or two jobs in the market and if we do the calculations, it can be seen that they make huge amount of money from the outsourcing institute. He set up a freelancing education center with his little knowledge. And when young people dream of making money by learning freelancing from these little knowledge freelancers, they can't learn much from these institutions. Then they lose their time and money and become frustrated.
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