How To Scale The Growth Of Your Blog 2022

Growth Of Your Blog : It's no secret that blogs are fast becoming one of the most important part of any company's brand presence. Blogs are a great place to establish who you are as a company and what you can offer to potential customers, so it's important to reach as many people as possible.

If you want to start a blog, or if you already have one that you are trying to take to the next level, you need a strategy to scale your blog.

In this guide, we'll look at what it means to scale your blog, the four key elements to effective scaling, and why scaling your blog is essential. When everything is said and done, you will have all the information you need to grow as a professional.

Growth Of Your Blog: What does it mean to scale your blog?

Growth Of Your Blog: Scaling your blog is, to put it simply, a way to take things to the next level.

As you set out to scale your blog, you are working to establish your own brand and voice that people are looking for answers, as well as generate revenue for your own business. Basically, you can increase your personal brand, your brand recognition and increase your revenue through scaling.

If you want to create a blog that reaches more readers and potential customers, you need to make sure that your blog is ready for all the changes and challenges that come with growth. Scaling your blog will do just that.

Any one do not want to get got stuck by statistics, it is very imperative to scale the growth of you blog from every side. Scaling the growth of your blog is important to observe weather your current strategy is proving successful or there is any need of update.

In this article, you will get learnt about the important statistics and about some tools to get these statistics.

Growth Of Your Blog: Blog Statistics

There are some types of statistics and related social media status to scale the growth of your blogging or SEO strategy. There are many but here are only important things are explained to consider.

Growth Of Your Blog : RSS and Subscribers – It is the thing that all bloggers want is more and more subscription, and the volume of your subscribers represents whether your current blog post has been recognizing among your audience. If you did not yet mange it you can burn your RSS feed with Feed burner to increase your number of subscribers. You can also make your posts subscribed in your own Google Reader. In Google Reader, you can also check the number of subscribers.

Growth Of Your Blog : Posts and Guest Posts – It is very good to have not only more and more blog post in your own blog but also guest posts in blog of other people. It can increase the grown your blog very much. Make sure to record your growth time by time according to number of you blog posts.

Growth Of Your Blog: Twitter Followers– You can use Twitter Counter to check the number of twitter followers. Whenever you sign in your Twitter account, you can check your number of followers and can check this status for previous three months freely. You can also tweet your messages from Twitter Counter to see their status for 6 months.

Growth Of Your Blog: Klout – It is not a social media but a great social media service where you can take together your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social media to get generally the status of all social media sites at one place at the same time. You can also work on all added social media sites at Klout without signing in to them separately. Your blog’s growth will called grown if you have more and more friends or fans.

Facebook Fan, Post View, and Post Feedback – It is good practice to make a Facebook fan page against each category or only one for whole site. On your Facebook fan page, you can check the number of fans (likes, the people who like your comment or post), the number of post views (how many times the people have come on your fan page), and Post Feedback (how many likes and comments you have got against your posts in fan page) during particular range of time. Your blog will also grow as the popularity of your Facebook fan page will grow.

YouTube Views and Subscribers– Make the YouTube Channel with the name of your blog’s name. examine the number of your subscribers and views for each video to observe how many times your videos are viewed by YouTube community.

Unique Visitors and Pageviews – It is the place where you need to use Google Analytics tool. If you have not setup this SEO for your blog then you should setup it for your domain. Here you can observe the daily progress in the way, how much are daily visitors, how they come to your blog and what are the most searched keywords.

Growth Of Your Blog: Google PageRank – Some people take it not so much important. But still it has big value because Google keep updating it time by time. It show you the worth of your site based on the quality and number of backlinks to your site. You can check it by simply Google PageRank Checker.

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